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90th Birthday Party Amber Uplighting – Colony South Clinton MD

Posted on November 19, 2019
Gold Uplighting Rentals - Colony South Clinton MD

90th Birthday Party Amber Uplighting – Colony South Clinton MD

Amber Uplighting

A lady called me the night before this event and said “I know it’s last minute, but can you set up Amber lights for my mothers event tomorrow?” Guess what I said?

This room had almost perfect logistics to set the lights evenly. Some venues don’t have even walls/ceilings and that can make the uplights look disproportionate. But they all loved the outcome and it was another great success for the client and Ideal Media!


Wired lights are slowly going out of style. The majority of our lights are 100% wireless. The lights use lithium ion batteries and can last for up to 18 hours. This means no messy cords and nothing taped to the floor/carpet. We’ve got the freedom to place lights anywhere we want. When a client asks me if they can have lights outside, in the hallway, underneath a table, in an unused fireplace, against a tree, or even on a window sill, the answer is usually yes. Most function managers at high end venues actually require vendors use wireless lights in their facilities. They, just like most couples, don’t want to see wires running all over the room. It’s ugly, and a safety hazard!


If you’re looking for uplighting, this is detrimental. Old school style lights (typically known as Par-Cans) were wired incandescent fixtures, with bulbs inside. To make colors, these fixtures were covered with translucent colored sheets (gels). Once you turned the light on that’s the color it was, period. These lights had to be plugged in and they used lots of electricity. They’re unsafe because they would get very hot to the touch, and you can see why they’re going out of style. Definitely not safe for kids to be around these older types of lights. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. LED’s are low energy, high output lights. They’re rechargeable and last for thousands of hours before burning out, without generating any heat. LED is the future, and it’s already taken over.

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