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Questions & Answers on Weddings #1

Posted on January 15, 2013

How far in advance should a couple book their Wedding DJ?

The earlier the better, but if I have to give a specific time, I’ll say no later than 1 month. A couple can still book a DJ later than that if need be but it will put more pressure on both the DJ and the couple. The DJ has to find all the song requests and make sure everything’s organized according to the timeline of the event. The DJ should provide a blank timeline for the couple and either have them write down the order of events in the order they wish, or, have an event planner or DJ assist them with suggestions. The DJ also has to get familiar with the names of the bridal party if he/she will be making introductions or making any other special announcements. Some names may be harder to pronounce, so your DJ may have to rehearse them at times to remember how they’re pronounced. Another great reason why a couple should book a DJ early is that he/she may have to do a site visit beforehand to see exactly where they will be set-up and where they will place lights and video projection if requested. Having ample time to review and have everything prepared can ensure that a couples wedding event will flow smoother.


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